Michelle Gray | Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Meet Michelle

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  • Illustrator
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Specializing in vector illustration and editorial design,

Michelle is a Johnson & Wales University graduate with a BS in Digital Media & Graphic Design. When she isn’t designing, Michelle can usually be found reading, crocheting, or obsessing over her two hamsters.

Print Production
Project Management

Working with Michelle over the past few years has been such a dream come true. She’s helped me bring so many creative ideas to life, and often produces artwork that is even better than I could have imagined. She’s always on deadline, is super professional in all aspects of her work, and is an incredibly talented designer. Collaborating with her on packaging, products, website and social media designs has truly taken my business to the next level!

- Korrina Ede / OwlCrate

I have had the privilege of working with Michelle on well over 100 projects together. Her amazing eye to detail stands out to me; she always points out the smallest discrepancies on projects consisting of 50 to 200 images, which makes quite the feat. I strongly believe Michelle would be a perfect asset for any team based on her passion, strong collaborative work ethic, eye to detail, and ability to quickly learn and adapt to any environment she is placed in.

- Mike Lawrence / Hasbro

Every now and then, a student will pass through our Design program that is unforgettable. Michelle was one of those students. Her innate sense of design and creativity is hands down one of the best. I would say Michelle can transform an idea into something amazing every time through her clean, sophisticated, and innovative design style. I can’t wait to see where she goes next with her work!

- Deana Marzocchi / Johnson & Wales University

Michelle was wonderful to collaborate with and was able to capture my vision so perfectly! Everything she created for me was clean, precise, and most important, so me! On top of her obvious creativity and industry experience, she was a joy to work with. She was kind, answered me promptly, and always stuck to our timeline. I highly recommend Michelle and hope to work with her again in the future.

- Paige Milich / Lela Designs